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We are a business community of Hispanics supporting each other to grow.


According to data from the Latino Donor Collaborative, the Hispanic community in the United States represents the 5th largest economy (GDP) in the world, and we are confident that the Brooklyn2Bogota Community can make a difference in sustaining this growth.

The Brooklyn2Bogota Digital Transformation Community aims to help bridge the digital divide for Hispanic small businesses by focusing on economic empowerment, digital transformation and purposeful leadership.

Our logo symbolizes a bridge that unites the Americas through small business growth.


How can you help us grow our impact? 

Partners & Sponsors

We operate with volunteers and thanks to our partners and sponsors. 

If you could be interested in contributing, or partnering, please let us know by sending an email to [email protected]

2024 Summit 

Our community was born and raised 100% remote due to the pandemic challenges, but the time to gather and meet finally arrived. 

If you could be interested in sponsoring, write us: [email protected]

Mentors & Alumni 

We are building a community of entrepreneurs to help business owners grow their businesses. We accomplished 800+ one on one sessions.

Want to connect?[email protected]


This page and Brooklyn2Bogota

(about Spanish version)


This page does not contain all the information contained in our website, and its programs for two reasons:

1. Our program is intentionally made in Spanish, because there is a huge amount of material on these topics in English, but not in Spanish. And we have found that many people prefers to learn new skills in Spanish.

2. Although we would dream of being able to operate in many languages and multiply this knowledge and community beyond the Hispanic community, for the moment we are focused on this group and impacting their business growth. We will be able to do it with more partners and sponsors.

Thank you for visiting us and below you will find a summary of what we do, how we do it and what we have achieved.

All good partnerships are welcome. Thank you for being here.

Key Data, Results & Statistics


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